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New Freedom

Are You Ready?

At New Freedom, our mission is to provide a safe and structured environment for young men suffering from alcoholism and addiction while working together to build a solid foundation in recovery that will create a life of long term sobriety.


is a learned skill

Let us teach you what it takes to be a man of integrity. We will give you all of the tools you will need to build a solid foundation and have a successful life clean and sober.

New Freedom
Family Communication


addiction affects everyone

We believe that family communication and involvement is an essential part of the recovery process. We will work with your family to help you heal the damage caused by addiction.


You can do this!

We understand being lost, we understand being hopeless, and we understand the fear behind taking this step. Let New Freedom show you the way, you will find hope within the peers around you, and we will help you walk through the fear.


what our clients say

  • New Freedom gives me a reason to live.  It has provided me with the opportunity to work for a program that I was once kicked out of as a client.  I have been able to travel to fun and exciting places such as San Diego for ACYPAA and Mexico.  I have been given new found freedom, a meaning to life beyond materialistic things and I no longer measure my success by material wealth. First and foremost... God and constant fun!

    Rocky S. Client
  • New Freedom did amazing things for me. Before I came out to New Freedom, I could not stop ruining my life and others around me. I just could not stop using drugs and alcohol despite the consequences. Coming here and completing this gave me a sense of hope and purpose in life, and I am forever grateful for that. Not only that, I gained a fellowship of men and women that today are my best friends.

    Lane P. Client
  • When I got to New Freedom all I knew was getting high and drunk. It made me feel okay, able to function, and live my life. At first I was scared and apprehensive, but the guys in the house showed me a new way of life for which I am eternally grateful. Doing New Freedom has given me a solution to life, a problem I have struggled with for years. I was taught about my condition and given an answer to all my struggles.

    Sam D. Client
  • I came to New Freedom with no concept of hope.  All I knew was that Heroin was devouring my soul and I could not imagine life sober.  During my six month stay at New Freedom I learned, through persistence and hard work, what it meant to live a sober life.  I gained strength, fellowship and hope.  For me, sobriety used to mean pain and misery but today it means joy and freedom.

    Ben V. Client
  • New Freedom has saved my life and changed the way I look at the world. It has taught me not only how to live a sober life but has taught me essential life skills and responsibilities. I've made life long friends and am truly grateful for my experience at New Freedom.

    Taylor N. Client
  • New Freedom allowed me the ability to learn honesty, trust and responsibility.  I learned to rely on a power greater than myself and trust others.  Trust the power of recovery and God!

    Patrick R. Client
  • I thought being sober was just not drinking alcohol or using drugs. New Freedom taught me that its much more than that. They gave me tools on how to live a life I never thought I would have. They showed me what recovery was really about. I gained a second family of brothers that will be friends for the rest of my life. I have a life that I would have never expected to have, and I cant thank New Freedom enough for what I was given here. I truly am blessed.

    Trey H. Client
  • When I arrived at New Freedom I knew I wanted a better life but had no idea how to get that. New Freedom gave me the tools to achieve this. I had been using drugs and alcohol for 6 years day to day because that’s the only way I could cope with life. In just a short time this place changed me. I was not using, and instead I was working with other men who understood me and in return I was rebuilding my broken life. Today I still have my struggles as everyone with this disease has, but I have my family back, true friends who I would do anything to help, and a sense of ease and comfort that there is a solution! New Freedom gave me my life back and I am forever grateful.

    Bobby C. Client
  • New Freedom has taught me a new way of living, as well as a sober one. When I first got into the house, I was broken. I did not know how to cook, clean or even live on my own. I have been using drugs and alcohol since I was 13 years old. I have been in and out of jail, hospitals, and the streets. Thanks to what New Freedom has taught me, I don’t have to live the way I used to anymore. The fellowship is so big here, I never would have thought I can have as much fun as I do sober. I couldn’t imagine life without the guys at New Freedom.

    Tommy N. Client
  • Before I went to New Freedom I simply couldn't stop drinking and using drugs now matter how hard I tried and how badly I wanted to stop. I thought life wasn't worth living and I was sick and tired of walking without purpose in life. I finally found New Freedom and was amazed very quickly at how many people reached out and took time to help me through my struggles. I went from a scared and hopeless boy to a confident responsible and loving man in a matter of months. I am forever grateful and owe my life to New Freedom. Now I still reach out to all the new guys that come to the house as the alumni did for me.

    Sean S. Client