New Freedom House

Our mission is to provide a safe and structured environment for young men suffering from alcoholism and addiction while working together to build a solid foundation in recovery that will create a life of long term sobriety.

New Freedom is different from other Arizona sober living homes. Our success in helping young men recover from drug addiction and alcoholism can be attributed to our approach to recovery.There are many programs that allow treatment for your loved ones to, but becoming sober and staying sober are two very different things. At New Freedom Men’s Sober Living, we not only help your loved one get sober, but we enable them to create a foundation in recovery to stay sober once they leave our facility. Unfortunately, it is common to see people go through treatment only to relapse within weeks of leaving. This happens because clients are confined to the treatment program and aren’t given the tools to live on their own once they leave.  Because our program provides a structured real world setting for clients to engage in their recovery we have seen great triumph over alcoholism and drug addiction.

New Freedom is the finest sober living facility in which Prescott provides. Our graduates will tell you that upon completing our program you will not only enjoy living a clean and sober life but you will thrive in doing so. This is because our clients are required to take responsibility for their own recovery. Our clients are required to find employment, pay their own way into sober living, adhere to the New Freedom standards, become accountable to themselves and others,  and become very active in the 12-step programs. Our clients will safely be placed in everyday life situations allowing them to experience life, while having the support of our staff and other clients. This has been proven to be very effective; many young men have completed our sober living program right here in Arizona, and now live successful happy lives with years of sobriety.

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